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Allied Health School Of Massage

School's Mission Statement:

Our desire is to educate our students for the future. Many medical insurance plans accept massage as a medical treatment.   Our program aggressively challenges our students to learn not only basic massage, but also how to deal with insurance companies and doctor’s offices. We have integrated “Medical Massage” into our instruction. These courses are invaluable in allowing our students to compete in the changing environment of professional medical massage. Our students are trained to spot problem areas and advise the clients on how to change their body mechanics at home and on the job to prevent future problems. We strive to bring educational excellence in Central Washington with our curriculum and continuing education programs.

Allied Health Careers Academy (AHCA) is committed to creating a professional and productive learning environment where individuals demonstrate positive integrity and a passion for excellence, and students seek education in fields of massage therapy and body work therapy that reflect the current and progressing practice of massage therapy.


Weekly Class Schedule:

Classes will begin the day after Labor Day Holiday on Tuesday.  Regular classes will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from9:00 am to2:00 pm for the day classes and6:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for the night classes. With several classes being held on Saturdays. Class graduation will be held on Saturday, following the last day of class.


School Holidays:

Classes will run weekly unless Holidays or Vacation days fall on scheduled days.  No classes will be held on: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Professional Recognition:

AHCA is licensed under the Washington State RCW Chapter 28C.10 and has agreed to comply with the requirements and educational standards established by the board for private vocational schools in the State of Washington. 


The Washington State Board of Massage has approved the program offered by AHCA.  Our graduates are therefore eligible to take the state board exams. Then after passing that test apply for a Washington State Massage license.


Our professional massage program consists of the following subjects:

500 Hour Program Consisting of:

130 hours – Anatomy and physiology and kinesiology

50 hours  – Pathology

                             55 hours – Business, Professionalism, and Ethics

265 hours – Massage theory and practice


Outside Training and Education:

CPR/First Aid/HIV Training

55 hours of practice massage performed on your own time



CPR/First Aid/HIV Card:

During the first month of school, we will schedule a Saturday for all the students who have not received this training.  Otherwise students will be responsible for this training.  Proof of training will be a copy of your current Card to be kept on file at the school.


Professional Affiliation:

At the orientation meeting you will be given the information on joining a professional massage organization that will provide you with malpractice insurance throughout your working career. This is very important to you. You will be required to show proof of joining before we can allow you to practice massages on anyone. You have two weeks to comply

Admission Regulations:

We invite students of any race, age, ethnic origin, gender, or religion to apply for admission.  A desire to learn and succeed as a massage therapist is the most important requirement for admission into our school.  Each applicant must meet the following standards:

¨      Minimum age of 18 (if you are turning 18 during the class, we will need your parents consent)

¨      Must be a high school graduate, or graduate equivalent (GED).

¨      Must possess the physical and emotional ability to perform as a massage practitioner.

¨      Must be able to follow the rules and policies of the school andWashingtonState.

¨      Must be able to work well with other students and faculty.

¨      Must not have been convicted of a felony.


Handicapped students are not discouraged from applying.  We support Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will make every effort to facilitate their special needs.


Tuition and Fees:

Application fee (non-refundable) due with application        $100

Down payment of tuition due with application                  500

Tuition, including down payment due on first day of class      6,000

Total Cost of program                                                          $6,100


Estimated Cost After Graduation:

National Exam                                                            $250

Initial State Fee                                                       $55

Active professional membership                        $250

Local business license fees                      $50 to100

Use credit wisely. Over extending can put a burden not only on you but on your family




Is held on the 1st Tuesday following Labor Day holiday.  New students will have the opportunity to meet one another.  We will introduce the instructors and administrative staff.  Each student will share things about themselves that will help other students know them.  At this time the students will receive their books, and other materials pertaining to the upcoming classes. 



Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of each class.   They are also required to accumulate at lest 80% of all hours prior to graduation.  Absences are considered unexcused unless the student can produce sufficient evidence that the absence was unavoidable.  A 10% penalty from any graded material will be deducted for that class.  It is the student’s responsibility to get the material that they missed by being absent.  We are going through a great deal of material in a short time, missing even a little of time can put the student behind and can be very hard for them to catch up to the rest of the class.



Students who are more than fifteen minutes late for a class or leaves fifteen minutes early from a class will be denied credit for that class.  Four tardies constitutes an absence.


Making up Missed Classes:

Students are requested to make up missed class hours within one month of the missed time.  The material you miss in class is important not only for your education, but to take the Board Exam you need those hours and the information they provide.  Missed class hours will be made up at the earliest opportunity available.  An instructor will be available on most Saturdays to accommodate make up time.  Students are required to make appointment with instructor and to keep that appointment.


Repeating Courses:

Failure to complete the minimum requirements for any course will necessitate repeating that course. Students may retake that course at the next offering and will be charged the standard tuition rate of $30 per hour for the class.  The student may appeal the additional tuition fee only if he or she can show extreme mitigating circumstances or hardships that were beyond his or her control.  In the event the course is not made up within a one-year period, the student will be required to re-enroll and all accumulated credits will be transferred to the new program. Re-enrollment requires the student to go through the admission process and pay the application fee of $100 again.


Professional Appearance/Dress Code:

In the classroom setting, Clothing will be clean and in good repair.  Excellent personal hygiene is required at all times.  Strong perfumes and colognes are highly discouraged.  Casual dress is appropriate.

When working with clients, Professional dress is appropriate.  This will be discussed in class prior to you working with clients.



The following will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form:

¨      To bother, worry, bully, aggravate, torment, demean, and frighten another person through verbal or physical intimidation.

¨      The use of verbal racial slurs or jokes, negative racial language, or objects that have negative racial connotations. 

¨      Negative slogans on clothing.

¨      Sexual harassment.


These actions are illegal and will result in expulsion from the school and possible criminal charges.  Anyone experiencing any harassment should report it immediately.


Teaching Methodologies:

¨      Lecture/Lab

¨      Small and large group interactions

¨      One on one teaching with instructor

¨      Use of audio and visual aids

¨      Individualized assignments within class

¨      Out of class assignments



All classes are graded using the following scale:

A = 4.0 (90-100)              

B = 3.0 (80-89)

C = 2.0 (70-79)

F = 0.0 (69 or below)


Grading is determined by the following evaluations:

Written Work                          35%

Practice Work                         35%

Behavior and Participation     30%


This program is highly academic. Our standards are purposefully above average to encourage students to set their goals high as well. Students will have regularly-scheduled evaluations in each course that will measure skill, knowledge, professionalism, appearance, attitude, class participation, cleanliness, dress code, and technical ability. Methods of evaluations include written exams, performance evaluations, homework assignments, oral presentations, attendance, and participation. Upon completion of the course and all assigned work, the student will receive a final grade, which reflects the average of all scores accumulated for that course (grade point average). All course work must be completed by the last day of class. Students who have not completed all course requirements will be considered incomplete during a 3-day grace period. Failure to complete the standard work in this time will result in an F for the course. Students who receive a failing grade must repeat the course during the next available offering. Regular tuition fees will apply to all courses that must be retaken.


In addition, attendance requirements (80% of all in-class hours) must be met in order to continue into the next term, regardless of academic achievement. Scores will be based on homework, in-class work, written and practical exams, oral presentations, and class projects. If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to complete all missed assignments in a timely manner (one month from the date of the absence). Instructors will evaluate a student’s need for extra help to assist the student in successful completion of the course. Tutoring is available at the rate of $30.00 per hour and the student is responsible for arranging and paying for tutoring services.


Students will receive final grades at the end of teach term. Students may request an oral progress report from the individual instructor at any time during the term. Students in jeopardy of failing a class or classes will be monitored more closely to correct academic or attendance problems.


Satisfactory Academic Progress:

Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress for the entire length of their program, which includes a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and a minimum attendance of 80% during the program length. Students are required to make measurable, reasonable, consistent, and integrated progress (i.e., taking and passing all classes, completing successful instructor massages, completing homework and lab work, and making consistent and measurable progress). Students enrolled must complete basic requirements before advancing to the next term. All programs must be completed within 1½ times of the stated program completion time. In the event a student has fallen below these minimum standards, a probationary period will result in which the student must raise his/her grades or attendance to meet AHCA requirements. These students are required to have 100% of all hours attended or made up prior to graduation.



Graduation exercises will be held on Saturday following the last day of  class starting at 5:00pm.  A graduation dinner provided by the school will be had following the speeches and presentation of rewards and diplomas.  Each student will be recognized for his or her contribution to the class.  They will also receive all the material they need to schedule and take the state and national board exam for massage therapy.


Student Safety/Security:

Student safety and security is of utmost importance. AHCA is located in a very peaceful, secure, pleasant setting situated in a low-crime, well-lit area. Any incident, however minor, regarding a student’s safety (e.g., an injury, an accident, etc.) needs to be reported to the school director, Arthur Hicks or Sara Bredwell, Rhonda Knight.  IMMEDIATELY.


Library Materials, Videos, Teaching and Study Aids, etc.:

Students may request use of videos, CD-ROM’s, teaching aids, etc.  These must be viewed at the school. Our students may check out books from the library for two days at a time to allow all students access to the material. If a student does not return the material in a timely fashion, a late fee of one dollar per day will be applied. If the material is not returned, the student will be charged for replacing it.


Audio Taping of Classes:

Students are encouraged to use whatever reasonable means are available to facilitate the learning process, including the audio taping of classes. Instructors must be notified of the student’s needs and taping equipment must be visible at all times.


Student Pregnancy:

Students entering the second trimester of pregnancy must have a physician’s written permission to continue their clinical and massage classes. Otherwise a medical Leave of Absence (LOA) will be necessary until the student has given birth.


Leave of Absence:

Students who desire a LOA from the program due to extenuating circumstances must submit a written request along with documentation supporting the circumstances to the director. The LOA cannot exceed 60 days. Each student is allowed only one LOA per program. If the student withdraws after receiving approval for LOA or does not return from LOA, the class time missed during the LOA will be charged as classes attended since an empty space was held for the student during the time of the LOA. The time missed will be factored in and/or considered earned as attended class time in computing final earned tuition rate and/or refund. A processing fee of $100.00 will be assessed and is due at the time of written request for an LOA by the student. Students not returning to school on the agreed date will be terminated from the program and lose any credit for incomplete courses. The processing fee will be returned in such cases.


Medical Leave of Absence:

Students may request a medical leave of absence for extenuating circumstances provided that the request for a medical LOA is accompanied by a physician’ note requesting the same. All other policies regarding LOA as stated above apply.

Academic/Attendance Probation:

Satisfactory academic progress, which includes both grade point average and attendance, is monitored on a weekly basis. In the event a student is not making satisfactory academic progress, he/she will be placed on probation for a period of 30 school days. Students who fall below a 2.0 cumulative grade point average on all evaluations that occur within this time frame will also be placed on academic probation. Students who have missed 20% of classes will be placed on attendance probation. Students on probation will be given 30 school days to make up the required number of classes. If at the end of the probationary period the student has not yet achieved a cumulative 2.0 GPA, another probationary period of 30 days will be imposed. In the event the student does not achieve the minimum GP A during the second academic probation period, he or she will be terminated from the program in the time allotted (1½ of the scheduled length of the program).


Changes in the Program:

If the school discontinues instruction in any program after students enter training, including circumstances where the school changes its location, causing a hardship for the student, the student will be entitled to a pro-rated refund of all tuition and fees paid unless comparable training is arranged for by the school and agreed upon, in writing, by the student. Students entitled to refunds must apply in writing to the school within 90 calendar days of the discontinuance or relocation and the school must disburse any earned refund within 30 calendar days after receipt of a request.


Transfer of Credits:

AHCA will consider classes transferred from other institutions. In order for the student to receive transfer credits, he or she will be required to pass an equivalency program,( there may be a fee) to assess the student’s knowledge for placement in class. According toWashingtonStatelaw the student must complete at least half their training at AHCA. Classes completed at AHCA may or may not be recognized as transferable to other institutions. In order for a student to receive consideration for previous education or training credit, the student must supply a copy of the previous school’s catalog (which must include course description), the official grade transcript, and all corresponding documentation and certificates. Students who previously attended an accredited college, post-secondary school, or university may be granted credit if a course taken is applicable to their program of study. If credit from another institution is awarded, the student is not required to participate in that course, however, students are encouraged to attend and participate.


Financial Aid:

There is no financial aid available at this time, though payment plans are available. There is a $50 set-up fee plus a billing fee of $10 per month. Plans are individually tailored to the student on a monthly or quarterly rate. Monthly rates will be 1/7 of tuition due, and if larger payments are given we will adjust the remaining monthly amount. Payments will be due on the first of the month. Payments not received by the 3rd of the month will be considered late and subject to a late fee of $30, plus $1 for every day after the 3rd that the payment has not been received. All payments and/or late fees must be paid in full before a graduation certificate will be issued.


Tuition Refund Policy:

Should an applicant be rejected for admission, AHCA will refund all money paid within thirty days from the date of the application. An applicant may cancel his enrollment at any time by contacting AHCA. If a cancellation notice is received by AHCA within five (5) business days, excluding Sundays and holidays, of signing the Enrollment Agreement and prior to the start of classes, all educational fees will be refunded. Refunds will be made within thirty days after we received the applicant’ cancellation notice. Upon cancellation, withdrawal, or termination after commencement of classes, the tuition is refunded as follows:

¨      During the first week, AHCA will refund all educational fees.

¨      After the first week and through 10% of the contracted instructional time, AHCA will refund 90% of the educational fees

¨      After 10% of the contracted instructional time and through 25% of the contracted instructional time AHCA will refund 75% of the educational fees

¨      After 25% and up to and including 50% of the contracted time, AHCA will refund 50% of the educational fees

¨      After completion of more than 50% of the contracted instructional time, no refund will be returned.


This policy does not apply to the students who opt to pay monthly. These students will receive a prorated refund on the month of termination if the tuition for that month has been paid.


Withdrawal Prior to Commencement of Classes:

All money paid by an applicant is refunded if requested within five (5) business days, excluding Sundays and holidays, after signing an Enrollment Agreement or making an initial payment.


For applicants who are accepted but fail to enter AHCA, tuition is fully refunded but the Application Fee will be retained.


Students who have not visited the AHCA campus can withdraw without penalty and with a full refund of all money paid within three days of regularly scheduled classes or after a tour of the facilities and equipment.


Withdrawal After Commencement of Classes:

A student termination is considered to have occurred not later than seven (7) calendar days after the last date of actual attendance, unless earlier written notice of termination is received by AHCA, in which case termination is the date of receipt of written notice.  The date of termination is compared to the total length of the course to determine the percentage what will be refunded.  Refunds will be based on a student’s last date of attendance rather than the date of termination.


Irregular attendance, violation or infringement of AHCA rules and regulations, or failure to maintain satisfactory grades will subject a student to dismissal from AHCA.  Students who wish to voluntarily withdraw are entitled to a refund determined by the last date of attendance and tuition paid.


Probation or Suspension:

Inappropriate behaviors, such as but not limited to the following will result in disciplinary action:

  • Excessive absences/tardies
  • Unsatisfactory progress

·        Disrupting class

·        Cliques or the ostracizing of students or staff

  • Unsatisfactory disposition or attitude
  • Plagiarism, or cheating
  • Compromising classroom education
  • Breaching privacy or confidentiality
  • Use of techniques that are beyond the scope of massage, including, but not limited to, chiropractic or osteopathic bony manipulations

·        Accepting payment for massage - in this state it is illegal to perform a professional massage without a state license

  • Immodest behavior - our students are required to wear suitable clothing. See student conduct.


Disciplinary Action Includes Probation or Suspension:

The student will be notified in writing as well as by speaking with the director of the probation and criteria of probation.  Students placed on probation will be allowed to attend classes but will be monitored.  At the end of the probationary period, the student will meet with the director to determine if the student has complied with the criteria of probation. If he or she has not, the student may be suspended or expelled from AHCA. Our goal is to retain all students.  One on one counseling will be available to all students whenever they may feel a need for it.


Suspension Process:

The student will be notified in writing as well as in person of the suspension and criteria of suspension.  Students placed on suspension will not be allowed to attend classes, but classes that are missed must be made up and paid for at the student's own expense.  The student will meet with the director to outline the criteria necessary to re-enter the program.



Inappropriate behaviors such as, but not limited to, the following may result in expulsion from the program:

  • Use of drugs or alcohol during class or while giving massage
  • Sexual misconduct (sexual advances in any massage therapy setting, regardless of location)
  • Stealing/damaging school property
  • Alteration of student records
  • Physical/verbal abuse toward any instructor, staff member, student, or client


Expulsion means that the student will be terminated from AHMS.  He/she cannot re-enter AHMS.

A committee consisting of the director and one or more instructors will determine expulsion of a student.  Other individuals involved in the matter may also be present at the review.  Every effort will be made to notify the student of the committee meeting.  The student is encouraged to attend the meeting.  AHCA maintains the right to expel a student whether or not he/she chooses to be represented at the committee meeting.  Every effort will be made to notify the student of the final decision.


Student Records:

Students may review their academic and financial records by submitting a formal request to the records department.  AHCA will not release record information to other individuals without the consent of the student.  Inquiries made as to the enrollment or graduation status of a particular individual by offices or agencies directly involved with the academic or professional industry will be released without consent of the student.  Students are provided with one official transcript upon graduation.  Additional transcript requests require a $30.00 fee. Permanent student records are kept for all students.  Student files are confidential and cannot be released without a student’s written consent except under the following conditions:

·        To school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in the records

·        To organizations conducting certain studies on the behalf of the school

·        To accrediting commissions in order to carry out their functions

·        To comply with a judicial order or lawfully ordered subpoena

·        To parents who claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes

All student records will be kept at the school for at least 50 Years.


Student Grievances:

It is important to the success of AHCA that students do not keep their grievances to themselves. AHCA is committed to a course of constant improvement.  Students, faculty, staff, and administration are encouraged to work together for the improvement of all concerned.  AHCA holds the attitude that the only true victory is that in which everyone wins.  Therefore, suggestions, recommendations, and complaints are welcomed.  A student care advisor and a class representative are a part of the advisory board to address issues or problems as they arise. However, if a student has a complaint, grievance, or dispute with the institution that cannot be resolved through a meeting with the class representative and student care advisor, the student must then schedule an appointment with the director to discuss the problem.  If others are involved, another meeting will be scheduled with the others present.  If the complaint has not been resolved after these steps have been followed, the student may file a complaint with the state board. In order that grievances do not interfere with their academic progress, students are advised to follow these steps:

1.     Write the grievance on a suggestion form or any paper format and submit it to the office. Anonymous grievances will be acted upon equally.

2.     Discuss the grievance with the specific instructor.

3.     Discuss the grievance with the director.

4.     If the student feels they have exhausted all possibilities for satisfaction, they can contact the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board at 128 10th Avenue SW, Olympia, Washington 985040-3105, 360-753-5673.


Evaluations by Students:

In order for AHCA to continue to maintain the highest standards of excellence in education and operations, we request that all students evaluate each course and instructor at the end of each quarter or at the end of the program.  These evaluations will be used by AHCA to make positive changes to the curriculum and teaching methodologies.  Students can also make suggestions at any time during a course, using the suggestion forms available.  Students may also express their concerns by making an appointment with individual instructors or the director for confidential discussions and counseling. 


School Facilities and Equipment:

The teaching/treatment rooms are where the students perform their student massages and maintain a student clinic the last term of the program. The student to instructor ratio will be no more than 20 to 1. Classes will be held at 118 South 11th Avenue, Yakima, Washington, in a 3,500 square foot facility housing both the school, clinic and school store.


Arthur Hicks
Sara Bredwell

Instructors and Board Members:

The lead instructor is:

Arthur Hicks LMP.,AAS.,BA.,RT(CT).,BCIA.

He taught at YCCC for 6 years in the x-ray program.

He has worked in the health care profession for over 30 years.

He has worked in massage therapy for 11years.

He is very dedicated to passing on to new students all that he has learned.


The Assistant instructor is:

Sara Bredwell LMP

She has worked in massage therapy for 11 years.

She has studied and uses Essential Oils for relaxation and treatment of clients.

She is also very dedicated to teaching.



The boards of directors are:

Nicholas Bredwell

Amanda Boyes

Glen Hicks

Gayle Hicks

Ownership of the school:

The school is a Limited Liability Company registered with the state of Washington, with Arthur Hicks being the sole owner.


Arthur Hicks LMP

4904 Viewland Dr.

Yakima, WA 98908